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What is this?

An Online Rostering System for cafe's / small shops / anywhere that needs a roster. Has a manager's login to make the rosters with, and a user's login where they can look at their roster for any given week.

This is an online rostering system that is aimed at cafe's, small shops, any place really that has a roster and wishes to make it accessible to their employees via the web. The point is, that they won't have to come in or ring up to check their roster. Having worked in retail when younger, I can relate that this can be a problem.

This application was written for a client, but never ended up being used or paid for. So i decided to donate it to the community under the GPL for learning purposes.

This is a fully functional application that is aimed to be of use as a learning application for new Rails users, but there's nothing to stop you using it as your roster!

So here it is, a nice full application in Rails for all you newbies to have a look at and hopefully learn from!


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